Support Team December 2021 Tip and Report of the Month

Grasp Support Team Tip of the Month:

Please join us for our FEATURE CLASS - A Year in Review – Enhancements and Favorite Reports on Thursday, January 20th.  As we begin the New Year, we will look back at all the new features, enhancements and reports that were added to GraspDATA throughout the past year.  We will discuss our Knowledge Base support site and our Report Builder Templates.  We will also review the new reports added to GraspDATA and, if time allows, discuss some of the Support Teams favorites! 

The following link will take you to the Support page on our website, then scroll down to see where to register.

Grasp Support Team – Report of the Month:  

We know that many “year-end” reports are run this time of year, and several months ago we added 8 reports that instead of being traditional “Year Over Year” reports, they compare to 2 years previous.  This was needed to compare 2021 travel data to 2019 and skip over 2020 due to lack of travel that year.  Based on the dates you enter when running the report, it will return data for that time period and also the same time period 2 years prior.  NOTE: The amount of data we are storing for you will impact how far back in 2019 you can get results for. 

Please search by report name OR you can search by 2YB as all have that in the title. 

  • Account Sales/Revenue Period Comparison 2YB
  • Air Tickets By Current Period And Previous Period 2YB
  • Year Over Year Air Sales 2YB
  • Agent Year Over Year Analysis 2YB
  • Year Over Year Analysis By Account 2YB
  • Graphic Executive Summary YOY 2YB
  • Year Over Year Air Sales By Month 2YB
  • Executive Summary Year Over Year 2YB

If you have any questions, or need any help, please email and we’ll be happy to assist you.