Grasp Support Team Tip of the Month

In January we had our annual webinar “FEATURE CLASS – A Year in Review – Enhancements and Favorite Reports”, where we highlighted all the new enhancements and reports that were added to GraspDATA in the past year.  Below are just a few of the topics we reviewed.

  • Our 2YB and 3YB reports that compare to 2 or 3 years previous
  • Our Report Builder Templates that are FREE to any Report Builder client
  • Our new Knowledge Base site where you can find helpful documents and videos
  • And lots more! 

If you missed this session, and would like a copy of the webinar, email and we’ll be happy to forward the recording to you. 

Grasp Support Team – Report of the Month

We have long had report #13834 Grasp Standard Detail Itinerary on our Support Team’s “Favorites” list.  This fabulous report includes air, car, hotel, service fees, is grouped by traveler name and sub-totaled by trip.  This report gives such great info including, but not limited to - flight segments with class, ticket #, Record Locator, Account Name, Fare Savings and Lost Amount, car and hotel details and more.  There is also a second version of this report #21241 Grasp Standard Detail Itinerary With Sort 1-10 that will give you up to 10 fields of sort data.  Take a look at these great reports, we think they’ll be on your “Favorite” list too! 

*Please note, if you don’t see that report #, search by REPORT NAME as the report # may be different than the above on your server.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please email and we’ll be happy to assist you.