Support Team April 2021 Tip - Report Builder Templates

Grasp Technologies Support Tip - Report Builder Templates

The Grasp Technologies Support Team is VERY EXCITED about our new Advanced Analytics (Report Builder) Templates. We’ve created 13 report templates for our Report Builder users.

These report templates can be downloaded into your database and be used to create new reports! The templates range from simple air, car, hotel, or traveler activity reports to reports with charts, pivot tables, expressions, and more! 

These templates are helpful whether a new user and just learning Report Builder, or a more experienced customer and needing a quick way to start a report.

The reports can be run as-is, or do a “Save As” and create a brand-new report that can be customized however needed! We also have a document that lists each report template and details about each report.

Access our Report Builders Templates PDF here!

If you have our Report Builder product and would like to have these new templates loaded to your database, or would like more information on them, just reach out to

There is  NO CHARGE for these templates!