Grasp Technologies Support Team Tip of the Month

Did you know our Support Team is where the support for ALL our products begins?  No matter which of our products you have, just email to get help.  We will then review your question/issue, request further info from you if needed, and open a case for the correct department.  We recommend you give us the product you’re asking about, the login/user name (no passwords needed), details as to how we can help you, and even screen snaps if applicable.  The more information you provide up front, the faster we can assist you.  We even have a document you can save that gives best practice suggestions. 

Support Team Best Practices

Grasp technologies Support Team Report of the Month

On our recent webinar “Year in Review” we highlighted the new functionality of our “Sort” and “Top N” reports.  One attendee even commented “whoever thought of this is a genius!”.  Now, users are able to change the results of these reports without having to pay for a custom version. 

Our “Sort” reports show data that is pulled in when sort fields are set up within a Corporation profile.   Our updated sort reports now allow the user to choose which sort fields from the Corporation profile will show on the report, and what order the data is in.  We also now have 5 standard reports that will show up to 10 sort fields, which is how many sort field options are in a Corporation profile.  You can find these reports by searching “Sort 1-10” in the Quick Search field. 

Our “Top N” reports are reports that show Top # of items, such as Top 10 Airlines, Top 20 Travelers, etc.  Many of these types of reports have been updated to allow a user to change the result number returned.  So, for example, when running our Top 10 Airlines report, the user can change the result to be Top 20, Top 50, etc.  The number of result options are from 1-500. 

We have documents explaining these new functions within each type of report here.  Both of these documents can also be found under the Text Documents section of the HELP tab within your GraspDATA login. 

Sort Field Options

Top N Reports

If you have any questions, or need any help, please email and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

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