Support Team November 2021 Tip and Report of the Month

Grasp Support Team Tip of the Month:

We have 2 items this month. 

First, it’s that time of year again for our Grasp Customer Survey!  We ask that you please take a moment to provide your responses to the 9 questions.  The survey should take you less than 2 minutes to complete.

This year Grasp has chosen to donate $10 to for every completed survey.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback.   Please click on the link below to start the survey. 

Click here to start the survey.

The other tip is connected to the report of the month.  You may want to take advantage of some quiet time around the holidays to review your scheduled batches.  The report below (report #930) shows so much great information.  The item we’d like to highlight is that you can use the report to see the distribution set up for each batch.   When you look through the report, you’ll see what the subject line and message is for each batch.  We recommend creating a personal subject line and message for each of your batches that go to your customers.  And, when you update the email distribution with its own subject line and message, it of course saves that info and every time that batch is sent, your email will now have more of a personal touch!  If you feel you’d like to learn more about using Scheduled Reports, click on the HELP tab to get to our Knowledge Base site.  There we have many documents and videos that review using Report Scheduler.  Or, attend our monthly, live webinar “GraspDATA – Scheduled Reports and Packages”.

Grasp Support Team Report of the Month:

This month we’re highlighting Report #930 – Batch Detail ReportThis report is one of our very favorites!  It will show you by login what scheduled batches are set up and which reports are in those batches.  It will show when the batch is set to run, when it last ran, and what format the reports are in (PDF, Excel).  It will also show you lots of info regarding the distribution – which email addresses is the batch set up to email to, what is the subject line and message (as mentioned above) and more.  It’s a great way to see what needs to get cleaned up! 

If you have any questions, or need any help, please email and we’ll be happy to assist you.