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Grasp Technologies announces automation of virtual payment information into Marriott property management systems

July 28, 2022

Grasp Technologies, the leading provider of travel data management and virtual payments, announced today an automated virtual payment workflow in collaboration with Marriott International, Inc. 

GraspPAY, Grasp Technologies' virtual card management solution, can now transmit virtual payment details electronically to the Marriott property management system and through traditional booking channels. 

This innovative improvement uses a specific set of flags to transmit information downstream to the Marriott's system, giving front desk associates access to the virtual card information, instructions, request for folio, and more. 

This workflow allows Marriott associates to remain in the property management system while accessing virtual card information. Designed with the broader market in mind, this could quickly become the industry standard and result in a better experience for the traveler, their employer, the TMC, and the hotel staff.

 "For the Walt Disney Company, the new, more efficient process has simplified check in for our non-employee travelers," says Anne Hamilton, VP of Global Travel & Expense Management, The Walt Disney Company. "GraspPAY's new workflow allows our travel agents to book customers knowing that Marriott is directly receiving the billing instructions.”

From Kelly Noftsger at Corporate Travel Management Inc: “GraspPAY has revolutionized virtual payments! They responded to the industry need to ensure a smooth hotel check-in process for travelers. We are shouting a huge THANK YOU from our travelers, travel managers, Corporate Travel Management agents and even from the hotel front desk staff. We appreciate Grasp for taking up this challenge and providing an automated solution.”

Grasp Technologies looks forward to enabling this workflow for all platforms to improve efficiency and ensure Marriott travelers and staffers alike have a pleasant experience.

For more information, please visit our website at or call us at 1 866-278-3821.

About Grasp Technologies: Founded in 1996, Grasp Technologies is the leading provider of travel data management, visualization and payment solutions in the T&E industry. We help TMCs, leisure agencies, Corporate Travel Departments (CTDs) and companies get more data and get more out of their data.

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