On October 5th 2022, Grasp Technologies hosted a webinar to discuss the benefit of Virtual Payments and the impact it has had on the Business Travel Industry.

Virtual payments have been making its way through the travel industry with clear and proven benefits. It was a major point of focus during GBTA 2022 and continues to be a huge topic of discussion within business travel.

Last week, Grasp Technologies announced that our Virtual Payment Solution, GraspPAY, hit a huge milestone as it crossed the "$250 Million USD" threshold.  Our virtual payment solution that is broadly accepted across the globe has had significant growth both organically with increased volume from existing clients expanding their virtual card usage, as well as adoption from new clients that are looking for enhanced reconciliation and a seamless traveler check-in experience. As GraspPAY continues to grow, we are excited to see the positive impact it has had on on our clients. 

Chris Singh, Manager of Global Travel at The Walt Disney Company is joined by Troy Williams, President of Epic Travel Partners, and Stacey Mack, Senior Sales Director, Virtual Payments at Grasp Technologies as they discuss not only how Virtual Payments have impacted the Travel Industry; but also how it can benefit Travel Management Companies and Corporations.

Virtual Payments Business Travel

Check out this webinar to find out more about how our fastest growing product, GraspPAY, can benefit your company.

Watch the webinar

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