When the Travel Management Company’s (TMCs) point of sale (POS) isn’t optimized or you still have Travel Agents servicing your account that feel they can “do it better themselves vs using POS automation”, data quality becomes an issue.

In the corporate travel space, buyers rely on TMCs to service the traveler, provide duty of care and produce perfect data. Some might say, perfect data, in such a disparate industry is impossible. 

The Data Quality Solution

GraspIQ manages and measures the presence of data, along with ensuring data quality. In addition to using “perfect data” for reporting, the corporate buyer will know how the TMC is performing with a weighted Grasp Quality Score available with every data file submission. Implementation includes customizing what parts of the PNR are tested for quality using the GraspDATA console. Does your program require an 8-digit alpha/numeric employee number in 100% of the travel records? Or maybe the employee number is required for all travel records except for DK#12345. GraspIQ provides this level of logic and filtering that is important to your program.   

Perfect Data

GraspIQ supports Supplier Management and measuring the TMC quality performance against contractual SLA agreements previously provided by the TMC. In the spirit improving operational performance, the GraspIQ error details report will identify specific areas the TMC may be struggling and provide the fuel for continuous process improvement. A partnership win/win!

The GraspIQ workflow leverages current GraspDATA file consolidation process. Therefore upon normal file submission, the TMC receives an immediate email notification of errors that require correction. The TMC can click a link in the email and make the correction directly to the Grasp database. They can also make the correction in the back office and resend the record to Grasp through the normal channel. If the correction fails the test criteria a second time, another notification is sent until the record is perfect. Either way, only perfect data is sent to GraspDATA and ultimately available for creating perfect reports.  

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