A piece on Grasp Technologies and travel data written by Jane Worrow, our Sales Director in the UK & Europe.

Grasp Technologies and the Universe

Describing Grasp Technologies is like trying to explain the Universe.  It is such a big subject, full of amazing things, any one of which could blow your mind.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to describe Grasp and it comes out different every single time.  But that is fine because like the planets, every client, process, objective and project is unique. Every project has its own destiny.

However, what is universally craved is the need for relevance, some would say personalisation and it is data intelligence that is coming more and more into focus for many TMCs and Travel Managers.

A recent B3TSI study in Europe found that 48% of respondents admitted to managing less than half their T&E budget and it also found that the #1 priority was controlling costs.

Bringing Data Sets Together

So, why is data falling into a black hole?  Is your travel data like dark matter, where you can’t see it but you know it’s there?

Like contemplating space travel, it can be scary, alien and a more than a little overwhelming. There is a mass of data available from TMCs, expense, HR, CRM, credit cards, etc.  Stop viewing data in silos. There is value in fusing these data sets together, ensuring everyone is on-board and company strategies and policies are aligned.

To make travel data relevant we need to provide confidence which requires the human touch. Like the galaxy, Grasp is made up of stars drawn from all sectors of the travel industry, who understand the value of T&E data.

A Big Step Forward

And like the earths gravitational pull, Grasp’s proprietary GraspSECURECONNECT collects data from infinite sources without the need for any manual intervention, uploading or changes to existing processes.  You’ll just know it’s there.

Grasp Technologies

Designed by our in-house data scientists GraspSECURECONNECT also searches and applies accuracy and consistency across the multiple data sets.  Whether it is standardising reference fields, normalising hotel names or compiling true trip costs, it is this innovation that makes data meaningful.

So, as Neil Armstrong once said, “Man must understand his universe in order to understand his destiny”

By making travel data relevant and consistent, we help TMCs and Travel Managers navigate their data. We provide them with the confidence to take that big step forward.  Where there are infinite possibilities for T&E programmes and where “opportunities will be available to you that you cannot imagine”.

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