For Travel Programs, data exists everywhere, in different formats and systems. Unfortunately, up to 40% of that data falls outside the traditional booking channels, making it invisible to travel managers. This has become a massive problem for end-to-end travel management and proper duty of care.

If you aren’t making the most out of your data, you're leaving money on the table and putting employees at risk. Join Grasp Technologies Vice President Dave Lukas, Traxo CSO Brian Butler, and Areka Consulting Managing Partner Louise Miller as they discuss how Grasp and Traxo work together to provide complete data and solve the toughest problems plaguing travel managers today.

The Grasp Technologies and Traxo Partnership Enable: 

  • Complete, automated travel data aggregation from all booking sources

  • Enhanced data visualizations for a 360-degree view of the corporate travel program

  • Deeper, more informative analysis of the corporate travel program and business travel patterns

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About Grasp Technologies

Grasp Technologies Inc. provides travel data management and analytics solutions that help their clients transform data into true business intelligence.


About Traxo

Traxo is the industry's leading corporate travel data capture and pre-trip auditing solution. Traxo captures data on all business travel bookings from TMC and non-TMC sources so you can say goodbye to program leakage for good.




Brian Butler

Chief Sales Officer, Traxo

Brian has been in the corporate travel industry for 20 years, wearing various hats along the way. He has spent time in sales, account management, marketing, operations, implementations, technology, partnerships, network management, and even product management roles at Hertz, Radius Travel, Upside Business Travel, and others.

Brian is currently the Chief Sales Officer for travel industry software company, Traxo. Brian leads the sales organization that's out in the market every day, evangelizing the importance of complete data visibility and off-channel travel data capture.

Brian Butler


Dave Lukas

VP and CSO, Grasp Technologies

Dave M. Lukas is a serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and investor.  His companies have been on the Entrepreneur 360 and INC 5000 List 7 times and currently do business in over 70 countries.  He has been featured on radio, TV, and many top trade publications and websites such as Forbes, INC, Yahoo! Finance, BTN, BTE, and more.  Dave joined Grasp over 15 years ago first as an investor and has served in the VP/CSO role since 2011.  During Dave’s tenure, Grasp has expanded services to clients in over 50 countries and has grown over 800%.

Dave Lukas


Louise Miller

Managing Partner, Areka Consulting

Louise Miller has a particular passion for all things data and line of sight into spend.  With more than 20 years in executive leadership primarily in the travel industry and is based near Pittsburgh, PA.  Louise is currently the managing partner of the global indirect procurement consulting practice.  Areka Consulting is headquartered in Paris and is the largest independent procurement consulting firm specializing in the travel value chain.  Louise oversees corporate client engagements involving strategy, sourcing, implementation and optimization across many indirect categories including travel, payments, expense, technology platforms, professional services and events.  She is an invited guest and speaker to more than 50 buyer and industry leadership events a year.  Her knowledge and experience span a wide variety of disciplines including finance, pricing, IT, product innovation, sales, account management, distribution, program marketing, operations, and digitalization. Louise earned her Bachelor of Science – Summa Cum Laude - from LaRoche University in Pennsylvania. Louise and her family host international high school and college students from Latin America and Europe.  

Louise Miller