The Grasp Enterprise Division continues to engage with more and more Fortune 1000 companies, from the United States to Europe and Asia to Australia, as the return to travel continues.

We are creating very unique, customized solutions for Enterprise clients to help them with the complex data challenges of managing “Duty of Care” and best practice protocols for employees that are beginning air travel and hotel stays.

From a reporting perspective, please remember that we offer reporting with our COVID-19 Dashboard/Duty of Care, Unused E-Ticket and Exchange Ticket Reporting.

Below are a couple of additional announcements from the Grasp Enterprise Division:

  • We are very busy responding to a number of data reporting RFP's and having conversations with an ever-increasing number of corporations worldwide that want to partner with Grasp.  Our user-defined experience in GraspDATA, capabilities to automate the whole data aggregation process from any number of sources, vast dashboard and reports library, flat fee pricing model and Compliance Reporting capabilities continue to be at the forefront of these discussions.

  • Variance, Leakage and Ancillary Fee reporting continue to be top discussion items with our global corporations.

Here is a Grasp Enterprise Division Success Case Study

The client's name is protected due to non-disclosure requirements.

Client A is an emerging technology company whose mission is to provide predictive analysis of consumer buying trends.


The biggest challenge for Company A was in how they were going to securely get the data from all of the different sources they would need to create a viable product. Additionally, was the consideration of whether it made sense to build versus buy software to handle the data collection.

First, Company A looked at a build option. After significant analysis, they found that the software they would need to build would come at a cost of over $1 million. Even more important was that even if they did build the software, they still lacked the knowledge and expertise in collecting and consolidating data from the diverse data sources.

After analysis, it became clear that it was cost prohibitive to recruit, manage, and maintain the level of expertise needed in-house. It would also take a large amount of time (years) to create the technology.

Client A partnered with Grasp Technologies to use their Grasp Secure Connect™ and secure file transfer (SFTP) products and processes to fulfill this very important technological role and at the present time, Client A now consolidates data from hundreds of disparate data sources worldwide.

Along with using the Grasp Secure Connect™ software, Client A also utilized the staff at Grasp to develop numerous standards for data submission, data cleansing, and validation.

This allowed Client A to save millions of dollars in development and staffing costs and be able to have a more timely and robust data set.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Grasp Enterprise Division and how they can help you and your clients, please do not hesitate to email us at

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