The Grasp Enterprise Division continues its upward growth and is working with and helping clients worldwide from Europe to Australia to Asia-Pacific and even South America. Grasp Technologies is also creating unique and highly configurable solutions for Enterprise clients to help them with the complex data challenges they face with all of the disparate data in their businesses.

In today’s uncertain times around the timing of return to travel and traveler safety and security upon return, now truly is the time to take ownership of your travel data, especially around Duty of Care.  Through our extensive Enterprise Reports Package and our newly released COVID-19 Dashboard, your data and your employee’s security while traveling is available to you 24/7/365.

Also, what is your travel department’s data strategy?  Do you have one that is flexible and multi-year? Viewing a few reports from your TMC is not a data strategy.

If you are a current client or a TMC and need more comprehensive reporting with additional data feeds, we can help you.

If you are a prospect or consultancy working with corporate clients, we can help.

Below are new announcements for our Enterprise products:

  • With Multi-Dashboards in GraspDATA, clients have vast capabilities in setting up their own User-Defined GraspDATA experience. Now the dashboard platform supports up to 10 User-Defined tabs with up to 36 dashboard widgets per tab. 

  • Better than anyone else, we can help you with compliance reporting, as Variance, Leakage, and Ancillary Fee reporting continue to be top discussion items with our global corporations.

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