Grasp Technologies Enterprise Division November 2021 Update

It was so wonderful to return to the GBTA Convention last week and to see so many friends, clients and prospects!  What a difference being in-person makes! 

One of the major topics during Convention was Sustainability and how it can and will be reported.  Well, the timing is perfect because one of our initiatives in 2022 is to further enhance our Sustainability reporting.  More information will be coming soon on this initiative.

As business travel returns, Expense Reporting integration continues to be top of mind with many of our clients and prospective clients.  With our enhanced data analytics capabilities in GraspDATA, we can provide you with variance reporting that will show booked versus expensed and other types of management reporting around out of compliance spend and ancillary travel charges. 

Meetings Management is also coming back into focus and we anticipate that in-person meetings, conferences and events will show a significant increase in the new year.  Since travel is second largest controllable expense for a business and with Grasp and GraspDATA, better controls can be put in place and lost monies will be found.  Remember that the “Holy Grail of Travel”, is true cost of trip reporting which is easily achievable within our GraspDATA solution.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Grasp's Enterprise offerings, please do not hesitate to email us at