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How Disney Slashed Card Reconciliation Errors and Boosted Cost Savings With GraspPay

April 17, 2020 by Peter Sebio

Chris Singh, Manager of Global Travel at The Walt Disney Company, has been with the company for thirty-six years. And for 15 years, he has focused on travel technology. One of his strategies included implementing an ...... Continued

Why Now is the Time to Implement a Virtual Card Program

April 2, 2020 by Peter Sebio

Now more than ever, as the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic companies must begin to consider what reality will look like at the other end of this crisis. It is difficult to think about the future as industries across the ...... Continued

Security and Efficiency with Virtual Payments

October 8, 2019 by Peter Sebio

Marriott International says the data breach it disclosed in November 2018 has cost the company $28 million in expenses in the fourth quarter. Virtual Payments can alleviate the ...... Continued