At Grasp Technologies we are all about happy customers and happy employees. In fact, it's sort of our motto. We highly value both and want to ensure that we continue with an exceptional service culture. The key is always listening to both our customers and staff. And we’re also geeks at heart, especially when it comes to data! We're always looking at and analyzing the data, because there's always a story there. And with every story that the data tells, there's insights to boot. An example of that is our Net Promoter Score (NPS).

What is NPS?

What is NPS? Simply put, it is a customer satisfaction benchmark that measures how likely your customers are to recommend your business to a friend. We survey and measure on many different categories like service, responsiveness, product training etc. And we have an overall total score as well. As you can see below, our score has been high and improving over time. In fact, during the pandemic years, we have improved our overall NPS by 20%.

How likely are you to recommend Grasp Technologies to a colleague?

Oct 16 May 17 Oct 17 Oct 18 May 19 Nov 19 Sep 20 Nov 21 Jun 22
8.34 8.50 8.16 8.82 7.99 8.96 8.96 9.08 9.40


We love hearing from our customers and partners. Both the data and hearing the stories from the people that share some of the numbers tell a full picture. Below are some recent examples:

"Keep the culture! What a great team and service!"

Mike Bedient, President, MNT Travel Corp


"You are a wonderful partner! Very professional people and always so friendly and helpful.

Janet Scott Smith, Director of Business Development, Maritime Travel


"Thank you again for putting the expression piece together, its great that the syntax used to write the Case When statements are very familiar to what I work with in our tools! I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this feature for other report requests in the future. I just took a peak as to how they were added in the report builder and I don’t see any need to adjust what has been built so far. 

The client had a chance to review as well and the report is perfect for their needs."

Anonymous TMC

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