The Grasp Enterprise Division continues its Year over Year growth. Grasp is working with and helping clients all of over the world from Europe to Australia to Asia-Pacific and even South America. Grasp is also creating very unique, customized solutions for Enterprise clients to help them with the complex data challenges they are facing with all of the disparate data in their businesses now that business travel is returning.

We receive a lot of great feedback from our clients of how we work together to solve the toughest data challenges. If you would like to share a story, please send us an email at We truly appreciate your support.

As Q3 begins, our Enterprise division is very busy with a number of RFPs and project work from current clients. Corporations of all sizes and from a variety of verticals see the benefits that Grasp and our product suite bring to their business through enhanced data accuracy and improved efficiencies. And “True Cost of Trip” continues to be very important to travel managers and human resources.

Below are a couple of new announcements for our Enterprise Division:

  • One of the ways that Grasp works with corporations and their data partner is with our data scoring module, GraspIQ. GraspIQ is a program that manages and measures not only the presence of data, but the quality of the data being provided by a data partner. The goal of the program is to not only make sure that Grasp is getting the required data elements for our clients, but to make sure that the elements themselves are the best they can be. For example, are airline city-pairs truly accurate, not just present in the data? Or are flight segments truly accurate, etc.?
  • GraspIQ is built to analyze and look for common travel industry data problems. As data comes from a data partner to the Grasp environment, the GraspIQ analyzes the data and compares it to a series of proprietary quality rules that Grasp has built and perfected over 20 years. Once that is complete, the Grasp systems prepare and distribute a series of reports and scorecards showing how the partner's data "scores" from a data quality standpoint. It's important to note, that the system not only verifies that the correct data elements are present, but additionally makes sure that they are as accurate as possible per the Grasp data quality rules/logic. The system can be configured specifically to each partner data feed and for Grasp client per their unique circumstances.
  • GraspIQ and its' Data Quality Scorecards is just one example of how we make data actionable for our clients.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Enterprise Division and how they can help you and/or your clients, please do not hesitate to email us at

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